Forklift Bulk Bag Attachment

Bulk Bag Jib Budget

Part No: EW-BBJB
The EW-BBJB Bulk Bag Jib attachment design allows easy pickup for both forklift or crane use with the one attachment handling all applications.
$700.00 excl tax

Bulk Bag Lifter

Part No: EW-BBP2000-C2
A two prong bag lifter ideal for container loading. The operator need not leave their seat to disengage the bag.
$4,250.00 excl tax $3,725.00 excl tax

Forklift Bulk Bag Jib Attachment

Part No: NS-BJFL1
Forklift Bulk Bag Jib attachment is designed to safely move bulk bags with forklift
$1,460.00 excl tax $1,365.00 excl tax